2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

26th Conference of the Parties | Glasgow, UK | 1-12 November 2021

Shifting gears to boost multilevel climate action

The first NDCs are not fully compatible with the Paris Agreement because they were all prepared before its adoption. In other words, they did not address key goals such as multilevel action, climate neutrality and the 1.5°C targets. That is why the success of COP26 depends on the new and ambitious NDCs to be prepared before COP26 by all nations, in collaboration with local and regional governments.

“Multilevel Action COP” is the motto of the LGMA COP26 Roadmap, which covers seven pillars:

  1. Raise ambition
  2. NDC vertical integration and transparency
  3. Localize climate finance
  4. Balanced approach in mitigation and adaptation
  5. Link climate to circular economy and nature
  6. Amplify global climate action
  7. Climate Justice and Social Equity


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Cities and regions are honour bound to multilevel action under the Paris Agreement

The constituency of local and regional governments praise the vision for multilevel action under the Paris Agreement and reinstate their commitment for ambitious climate action.

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LGMA COP26 Roadmap (Towards Multilevel Action COP) has been endorsed by: