UNFCCC Climate Change Conference

COP23 | Presidency: Fiji | Host: Bonn, Germany | 06 - 17 Nov 2017

Climate summit of regional and local leaders at COP23

The Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders was the premier gathering of local and regional governments at COP23. It was the jumping off point for key initiatives and partnerships that support implementation of the Paris Agreement, demonstrating that when cities, regions, businesses, communities and all levels of government join forces, it makes climate action stronger and more effective. This is critical in every part of the world, and particularly in climate vulnerable areas of the Global South and in small island developing nations.

Delegates at COP23

The Bonn-Fiji Commitment

Local and regional leaders from around the world have issued the Bonn-Fiji Commitment of Local and Regional Leaders to Deliver the Paris Agreement at All Levels, a pledge that signals their commitment to bring forward a critical shift in global development.

2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP23

We are here to forge new coalitions, to act and collaborate for our climate and to encourage civil society, businesses and our peers in cities and regions to join the #Uniting4Climate movement.

Ashok Sridharan
Lord Mayor, Bonn, Germany
ICLEI First Vice President

2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP23

Welcome to the age of sustainable development, local and regional governments will have to shoulder much or even most of the task of enacting programs and schemes that will actually curb climate change.

Armin Laschet
State of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany