Sustainable Urban Resilience for the Next Generation (SURGe) Initiative


Cities are at the frontline of climate change. Though cities are a big driver of planet-warming emissions, they are also engines of climate action and at the forefront of delivering solutions. That’s why we need effective multi-level governance to transform cities to be healthy, sustainable, just, inclusive, low-emission and resilient urban systems for a better urban future for all

To achieve this vision, the COP27 Presidency has launched the Sustainable Urban Resilience for the Next Generation (SURGe) Initiative – with the objective to enhance and accelerate local and urban climate action through multi-level governance, engagement, and delivery through five integrated tracks, contributing to achieving the Paris Climate Goals and Sustainable Development Goals.

The SURGe Initiative is developed in collaboration with UN-Habitat and facilitated by ICLEI and has been endorsed by 70+ global partners.

SURGe was officially launched at the Urban and Housing Ministerial Session on Cities and Climate Change at COP27.

News and updates

Ayman Tharwat Amin, Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Director of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarks on SURGe at Daring Cities 2022

Sharon Djiskma, Mayor, Utrecht, The Netherlands launches Call to Action to support SURGe and Climate and Urbanization Ministerial at Daring Cities 2022

Rafael Tuts, Director, Global Solutions Division at UN-Habitat, addresses SURGe initiative at Daring Cities 2022

Mohamed Sefani, Mayor of Chefchaouen, Morocco remarks on SURGe initiative


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Lea Ranalder, Associate Programme Management Officer, Human Settlements, Climate Change and Urban Environment,

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