Bonn Climate Change Conference

SB60 | Bonn, Germany | 3 - 13 june 2024

LGMA engagement at the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference (SB60)

Official Overview Schedule, and 30+ SBSTA60 and SBI60 mandated events

Select negotiation dialogues, complementing negotiation sessions:

Global Action Agenda and other Sessions:

LGMA-led UNFCCC Side Events and other events:

8 June, Saturday, 13:15
ICLEI-UNHabitat-Southern Denmark University
Responding to climate emergency through multilevel NDCs – from commitment to action

10 June, Monday, 13:45
We Don’t Have Time – Exponential Race to the Top

Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues

LGMA statement at SB60 joint Opening Plenary

“Multilevel climate action is the most effective catalyzer to bridge communities and the real economy across the world to national climate plans”

At the Opening Plenary of the SB60, Karishma Asarpota, ICLEI’s Climate Action Officer delivered a powerful statement on behalf of the LGMA Constituency. She underscored the critical importance of multilevel climate action in addressing the climate emergency, celebrating the COP28 outcomes that have endorsed this approach.