The Multilevel Action Pavilion at COP27

The home of cities and regions at COP27 | Sharm-El-Sheikh | 6-18 Nov 2022

Digital and in-person

With continuous support from the Scottish Government and in collaboration with the COP27 Presidency, the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, the Marrakech Partnership and LGMA Partners, the Multilevel Action Pavilion provided a home in the Blue Zone for local and regional governments throughout the two weeks of COP27 through 70+ sessions organized by 25+ partners.


Two weeks of high-level success

The high-level champions announced daily multilevel themes for COP26. For each day of the main proceedings, the Pavilion connected the overarching themes for debate and knowledge exchange with success stories of subnational climate action and collaboration. Here, the national discussions and decisions were made locally relevant.

The Agendas at a glance

An overview of the official UNFCCC and LGMA events at COP27.

What they’re saying about COP

“COP was always seen as an event reserved for national governments, but this has changed to include cities. Cities have different vulnerabilities and different emissions. We need a local dimension and localized solutions to take climate action.” – Rudiger Ahrend, Head of the Economic Analysis, Data and Statistics Division, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship

“There is a strong correlation between countries that have registered increases in their national climate ambitions and those that have collaborated among all levels of government.” – Yunus Arikan, ICLEI Head of Global Advocacy; UNFCCC LGMA Focal Point


The LGMA would like to thank their partners and sponsors of the Multilevel Action Pavilion for their continued collaboration and support.