LGMA Intervention at the GST High-Level Event on Mitigation

Baraniko Baaro, Mayor of Teinainano Urban Council on Tarawa Island, Kiribati

Saturday 2 December 2023 | 13:00

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Baraniko Baaro.

I am the Mayor of Teinainano Urban Council in Tarawa Island in Kiribati.

Today I am addressing you on behalf of cities, regions, and other subnationals across the world, especially in Asia-Pacific, Small Island States and Least Developed Countries, who bear the brunt of climate change.

Under the Paris Agreement, thousands of cities and regions have declared a climate emergency and set ambitious goals.

They demonstrated bold leadership to achieve resilient economies and climate action.

Many of them have helped your countries to raise your national ambitions.

Despite all, we are extremely worried by the recent IPCC’s warning of global warming likely exceeding a 1.5°C temperature rise by 2027.

We believe that multilevel action and collaboration is the only chance to keep 1.5 degree target alive and ensure survival of our communities.

Until COP30 in 2025 in Brasil, we need new national, holistic and transformative climate plans to be prepared and implemented in collaboration with all levels of governments.

We commend 62 nations who endorsed this vision through the historic CHAMP Initiative of the COP28 Presidency announced yesterday.

We invite others to join.

We are proud that subnational leadership once again helped to give life to the Loss and Damage Fund.

And we particularly welcome its vision to facilitate direct access for subnational governments.

We applaud the leadership of the COP28 Presidency and Bloomberg Philanthropies in ensuring that local and regional leaders have a seat at the climate table at COP28.

Now it is up to you as Leaders of our countries to transform this hope from Dubai, into action, through multilevel collaboration with us, Mayors, Governors and Councillors, as your closest partners to your citizens and communities.

Thank you.