LGMA COP26 Informal Stocktaking Plenary-2 Statement (11 November 2021)

Delivered by Andries Gryffroy, Member of Flemish Parliament and European
Committee of the Regions

Honourable Chairs, Co-chairs

Dear excellences and distinguished delegates,

I address you as representative of the European Committee of the Regions on behalf of members of the LGMA – Local Governments and Municipal Authorities and its partners.

We appreciate the efforts of the Presidency and Parties in delivering the draft text as basis for
the ongoing negotiations.

However, we – the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities – would like to highlight few necessary improvements because we worryingly notice that there is no longer a reference to multi-level action nor reference to local and regional authorities in the Draft decisions.

Firstly, to add the wording “multi-level and collaborative action” on the last paragraph of the preamble;

Secondly, on point 75 to add the wording “multi-level” when mentioning the importance of international collaboration;

Finally, on point 76 we are concerned by the fact that reference to cities and subnational government has been completely removed.

We will submit in writing this statement.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

View of UNFCCC Exec. Secretary Espinosa and other COP26 leaders speaking on a panel