Local and regional governments will be at COP24 sharing outcomes from the Cities and Regions Talanoa Dialogues and working towards ambitious, multilevel climate action.

Agenda of Cities and Regions at COP24

Daily: LGMA briefings and interventions

11 Dec 2018: Paris Committee on Capacity Building

3 Dec 2018: Heads of State event

Closing of Talanoa Dialogue Preparatory Phase

4-5 Dec 2018: MP High Level event

7 Dec 2018: MP Human Settlements and Transport

8 Dec 2018: COP24 Adaptation event

11 Dec 2018: Talanoa Dialogue

10-11 Dec 2018: MP SDG roundtables

4 Dec 2018: Green Capitals  at EU Pavilion

10 Dec 2018: GCoM Day at EU Pavilion

10 Dec 2018: ICLEI and C40 UNFCCC Side events

10 Dec 2018: BMZ at German Pavilion

11 Dec 2018: ICLEI and DST at German Pavilion

6 Dec 2018: Transport Day (City Hall)

9 Dec 2018: NDC Partnership Annual Assembly

10 Dec 2018: Katowice Climate Shift

11 Dec 2018: LESC Dinner

Check back here for updates on the engagement of local and regional governments at COP24.

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