Third iteration of the PA Art 6.8 informal notes by co-chairs released

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

Paris Agreement Article 6.8 third iteration of the co-chairs informal note contains a multilevel governance element.

Negotiations on the SBSTA agenda item 11 (c): work programme under the framework for non‐market approaches (NMAs) referred to in Article 6, paragraph 8, of the Paris Agreement are ongoing. According to the third iteration of the co-chairs’ informal note released on the UNFCCC website on 12 November 2017, a multilevel governance element appears as one of the stepwise approaches under the chapter on work programme activities of NMNs.

The stepwise approaches illustrate that after having identified existing NMAs that are relevant to Article 6.8 (Step 1), then identification of existing linkages, synergies, coordination and implementation already occurring between those NMAs and positive experiences would take place (Step 2). The multilevel governance element comes in as Step 3: Identifying opportunities for the enhancement of existing linkages, creation of synergies, coordination and implementation of NMAs at local, national and global levels.

The subsidiary bodies are set to start closing its work from tomorrow, 14 November. The preparation for draft conclusions on this agenda sub-item is underway and will be posted on the UNFCCC website in due course.

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