Scotland sets a high bar for low emission development

Scotland is ahead of the game – by approximately 7 years in fact – explains Roseanna Cunningham, Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land

Reform.‘’We had climate change legislation before the SDGs’’

Scotland’s climate act passed unanimously in 2009, and cross party consensus plays a strong role in their success. They are on target for 2020 emission reduction goals and have already exceeded 2020 targets for energy consumption – five years ahead of schedule. This summer, the region installed the largest offshore floating wind farm and is employing over 6,000 people in low carbon industries. A comprehensive biodiversity strategy is supporting these efforts, by preserving iconic landscapes that provide necessary ecosystem services. On adaptation, Scotland is on their second plan, due out next year.

Crucially, these plans are founded in principles of climate justice, to ensure a just transition to a low carbon economy where all people benefit

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