SBI 47 draft conclusions on the PCCB have been released

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

SBI 47 draft conclusions on the PCCB containing a draft decision for consideration and adoption by the COP have been released:

The COP, in paragraph 3, welcomes the annual technical progress report of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building for 2017 – see – taking note of the recommendations contained therein.

One of the recommendations of the PCCB to the COP contained in the said technical report was to recommend better coordination among different international and national stakeholders, and partnering with entities at the subnational level, including cities, counties and provinces, to implement NDCs.

Thus, although this need for a multilevel governance framework was not directly referred to in the draft decision, it can be ascertained that the LGMA constituency’s intervention made during the first meeting of the PCCB made its way to be taken note of by COP 23.

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