Pulling innovation for a climate change

What is the paradigm that is preventing us from going further? How do we change that paradigm? For Bertrand Picard, Explorer and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation that paradigm is fuel. Solar impulse was created because he saw that the only limitation to flight is fuel.

Solar cells and batteries on the aircraft produce and store enough energy to fly without fuel. But to make it possible, it was not solely about renewable energy generation but also about energy efficiency and energy saving. Politicians and the world need to realize that producing more energy will not make you richer – rather we should focus on innovation and investment in energy efficiency.

Climate action actors need pioneer a new path. Clean technologies are not science-fiction or only possible the far future. They are a reality today. If all these technologies were implemented, we would cut greenhouse gas emissions in half and the sector would be the largest economic driver in the world.

We need to come together and provide the proof to “pull innovation rather than push innovation”. Bringing the environment and technologies together “wont just be ecological it is also logical”.

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