Local and regional governments support efforts on capacity-building, climate adaptation, finance

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

Excerpt from the statement delivered at the joint opening of the SBSTA 47 and SBI 47, on behalf of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) constituency.

Building upon the successful outcomes of SBI 46 on Arrangements for intergovernmental meetings, we welcome the Open Dialogue by the Presidency. We will highlight at this dialogue how local and regional governments are strengthening their resolve to curb climate change and contribute to raising the ambition of NDCs.

In this context, we would like to highlight the progress made in three areas: capacity-building, adaptation and finance.

First, we applaud the progress made this year by the Paris Committee on Capacity-Building (PCCB). As noted in the PCCB Annual Technical Progress Report, capacity-building under the Paris Agreement will need to be undertaken with a multilevel governance approach, ensuring a better coordination among different international and national stakeholders, partnering with local and regional governments to implement NDCs.

Second, we welcome the progress made by the Nairobi work programme under which potential collaborative actions towards closing knowledge gaps in urban adaptation action have been identified. In this respect, the LGMA constituency wishes you a successful meeting at the 11th Focal Point Forum on human settlements and adaptation where ICLEI is one of the collaborating organisations.

Third, we commend the outcomes of the SCF Forum which focused on “Mobilizing finance for climate-resilient infrastructure.” As mentioned by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group at the forum, we call for Parties to engage cities and other subnational authorities more rigorously in driving resilient urban action, as urban areas are where the effects of climate change will be felt the most.

Based on all this progress made, the LGMA constituency reiterates its readiness to fully support the work of the SBs by ensuring multilevel governance, operationalised through the engagements of government at all levels, as envisioned by the Paris Agreement.

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