Nairobi work programme draft text released

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

The Bonn Conference under the Fijian COP 23 Presidency is running smoothly.  A draft text of the SBSTA 47 agenda item 3: Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change (NWP) was published on the UNFCCC website.

The SBSTA welcomed the report on progress made in implementing activities under the NWP, especially progress in the following four issues: ecosystems, water resources, human settlements and health.

The SBSTA acknowledged the recent work in the areas of human settlements and adaptation, indicators of adaptation and resilience at the national and/or local level or for specific sectors, and adaptation actions and plans that could enhance economic diversification and produce mitigation co-benefits, submitted by Parties, NWP partner organizations and other relevant organizations.

The NWP will be reviewed at SBSTA 48 for which a series of webinars and an expert group meeting will be held. The report of this expert group meeting, as well as a synthesis report on the work of the NWP since SBSTA 44 will inform the review at SBSTA 48 (April-May 2018).

The deadline for the submission of views on further improving the relevance and effectiveness of the NWP in light of the Paris Agreement for consideration at SBSTA 48 would be changed from 12 January 2018 to March 2018.

The draft text can be found here:

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