Marrakech Partnership mobilizes non-party actors at all levels

Cities and towns around the world and especially in Small Island Developing States need responsive climate technology and investment, notes Minister H.E. Inia Seruiratu from Fiji. Livelihoods, public health, and basic services are under threat from extreme weather, temperatures, and rising sea levels. Innovation and win-win solutions are needed to streamline mitigation and adaptation efforts.

The Marrakech Partnership is mobilizing such action, as Brahim Hafidi, First Vice President of the Moroccan Association of Regions highlighted in his earlier remarks. The Marrakech Roadmap for Action adopted at COP22 outlined the need for strategies and funding to implement local climate action. At the same time, the partnership has collected over 170 initiatives from non-party actors to achieve more resilient, low carbon societies. These initiatives, including financial programs from the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, are on display here at COP23 during the Global Climate Action Days.

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