Local and regional governments are here to stay – and to help deliver on the promise of Paris

Mayor Sridharan welcomed over 360 Mayors from across the world – from Quito to Oslo, Honiara to Tshwane – along with regional leaders and partners this morning. Why are we here? he asked – Local and Regional governments are here in Bonn to:

· Support, cooperate, and engage in the delivery of the Paris Agreement from the first step onwards

· To strengthen alliances and forge new coalitions

· To act and collaborate on climate action with civil societies and business

· To invite all stakeholders to join the #Uniting4Climate movement

· To demonstrate the power and potential of local governments by putting forward local commitments and contributions to achieve a 1.5 degree world

“We can go further and faster together’’ he emphasized, through multi-level cooperation and a grand coalition that transcends all boundaries.

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