LMGA at the open-ended informal consultations on the Talanoa Dialogue

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

The LGMA constituency presented its views on the Talanoa Dialogue at the open-ended informal consultations convened jointly by the COP 23 and the COP 22 Presidency on 10 November 2017 at 11.15-12.00hrs. Jisun Hwang, Senior Climate Advocacy Officer at ICLEI World Secretariat, delivered an intervention on the importance of the multilevel governance framework in making the Talanoa Dialogue a success. The three main points made during the intervention are as follows.

1. cCR: 5.6 GtCO2e reduction by 2020

As of today, over 1,000 local and regional governments from 86 countries, representing over 800 million people, have reported their emissions reduction targets through ICLEI’s carbonn Climate Registry which is one of the main data providers to the NAZCA platform. The achievement of these goals would result in a reduction of 5.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2020, compared to the levels going as far back as 1990. The LGMA looks forward to further contributing to the TD process based on this concrete input.

2. Multilevel governance

We encourage a domestic vertical integration process to fully operationalize the Paris Agreement preamble recognition on the importance of the engagements of government at all levels. The LGMA will fully support this process by enhancing capacity building activities and workshops aimed at further facilitating a multilevel governance framework that raises the ambition of NDCs. This is based on further detailed analysis of the emissions reductions based on voluntary commitments from cities and other subnational authorities.

3. CitiesIPCC as input to the IPCC 1.5 report

Local and regional govenrments are already working hand-in-hand with the IPCC. The CitiesIPCC in March, Edmonton, Canada 2018 will provide valuable input to the IPCC 1.5 report. Cities and urban areas are designated as one of the cross-cutting items of the IPCC AR6 cycle. We also look forward to actively contributing to the IPCC AR7 special report on cities.

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