Subsidiary bodies close plenary supporting improved monitoring of adaptation efforts and better coordination on capacity-building

Excerpts of the intervention delivered by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer, on behalf of the LGMA constituency at the joint closing plenary of the subsidiary bodies for scientific and technical advice (SBSTA) and implementation (SBI). The intervention focused on the progress made under the SBs at their 47th sessions on the Adaptation Fund, Paris Committee on Capacity-building, Nairobi Work Programme, and Paris Agreement Article 6.8 on the framework for non-market approaches (NMAs). The full statement will be posted on the UNFCCC website.

Local and regional governments welcome the progress made at the SBs during this session and thank you Chairs for your leadership and the secretariat for its excellent support.

Regarding the Third review of the Adaptation Fund, we support the recognition that strategic engagement with stakeholders at the subnational level is one of the comparative advantages of the Adaptation Fund. We look forward to seeing continued engagement by the Adaptation Fund Board with subnational actors in adaptation projects. In this context, we will fully support the efforts towards improving the monitoring of adaptation impacts and results of the Adaptation Fund by using local- and regional-specific metrics.

Regarding the annual technical progress report of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB), the LGMA constituency notes with appreciation the recommendations made by the PCCB on the need for better coordination among different international and national stakeholders, partnering with entities at the subnational level, including cities, counties and provinces, to implement NDCs.

Regarding the Nairobi Work Programme, the LGMA constituency welcomes the outcomes of the 11th Focal Point Forum on human settlements and adaptation where ICLEI was one of the collaborating entities. The Forum successfully facilitated the sharing of good practices, experiences and lessons learned on the recent work in the areas of human settlements and adaptation, including indicators of adaptation and resilience at the national and local levels.

Regarding the Paris Agreement Article 6.8 on the framework for non‐market approaches, the LGMA constituency reaffirms its readiness to support Parties in identifying opportunities for the enhancement of existing linkages, creation of synergies, coordination and implementation of NMAs at local, national and global levels.

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