LGMA at the APA suspension plenary

At the suspension plenary of the APA held on 15 November, the LGMA constituency made an intervention on the progress made under the fourth part of the first session of the APA on the Framework for Transparency of Action and Support and Global stocktake. Jisun Hwang, Senior Climate Advocacy Officer at ICLEI World Secretariat, delivered the intervention. The full statement will be posted on the UNFCCC website. The excerpts of the intervention are as follows.

Local and regional governments note with appreciation the progress made on the agenda item on modalities, procedures and guidelines for the transparency framework for action and support and the global stocktake.

Building upon the recognition provided by the Paris Agreement preamble on the importance of the engagements at all levels, the LGMA constituency reaffirms its readiness to support enhancing of the transparency framework for action and support with a view to promoting effective implementation of NDCs at the local and regional levels.

Regarding the effectiveness and sustainability of adaptation action, the LGMA constituency will fully support Parties in strengthening of adaptation ownership and stakeholder engagement by promoting alignment of subnational policies and actions into those at the national level so as to ensure the replicability of such policy alignment at all levels of government.

Regarding the specific information on capacity-building support, the LGMA constituency will contribute towards strengthening of the links between regional, national and subnational government policies, plans and actions with a view to undertaking low carbon climate resilient development and creation of capacity at the local and regional levels to develop and implement climate policy consistent with national development planning.

Regarding the global stocktake, the LGMA constituency looks forward to enhancing its cooperation with the IPCC including the hosting of the CitiesIPCC Conference in March next year, with a view to promoting strategic engagement and discussion with the IPCC and other experts in order to provide vital input from cities and other subnational authorities towards assessing the collective efforts in an open, inclusive, transparent and facilitative manner.

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