A review on PAWP progress

By Jisun Hwang, Senior Climate Advocacy Officer, ICLEI World Secretariat

A joint plenary of the COP and CMA was held on 17 November 2017 presided over by the President of COP 23. Mandated by the COP and CMA during the Marrakech Conference last year, this meeting aimed at reviewing progress on the implementation of the Paris Agreement Work Programme (PAWP).

Presiding Officers of the SBSTA, SBI and the APA took the floor to provide updates on the progress made at their respective bodies. The SBSTA Chair stated that a balanced progress has been achieved in all agenda items, including on the Technology Mechanism and the Paris Agreement Article 6. The SBI Chair underscored two new items that were considered under the SBI, such as the education and public awareness and common time frames. The APA Co-Chairs informed the delegates that the APA has achieved the objective it had set out at the beginning of this session, identifying skeletal elements for transitioning into a full negotiations text at the April-May sessions next year. The APA 1.4 closing plenary remains suspended owing to a concern regarding the APA sub-item 8a.

Following the reports from the Presiding Officers, Amb. Khan, Chief Negotiator of the COP 23 Presidency, provided updates on the outcomes of the COP 23 consultations on the PAWP, Talanoa Dialogue, and pre-2020 implementation and ambition. The Presidency consultations on the PA Article 9.5 is still ongoing and it is close to being concluded.

The COP 23 President thanked all Presiding Officers and Amb. Khan for their efforts. The President further remarked that the progress reported today reaffirms that Parties are on track to complete the PAWP by COP 24.

The design of the Talanoa Dialogue is contained in an informal note by the COP 22 and COP 23 Presidencies and can be found here: http://unfccc.int/files/na/application/pdf/approach_to_the_talanoa_dialogue.pdf

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