Join Parties and practitioners to discuss adaptation and human settlements

Laura Kavanaugh, Resilient Cities Program Manager, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

11th Focal Point Forum of the Nairobi Work Programme

8 November 18:30-21:00

AHH Upper Conference Room (Bula zone)


Parties, policy-makers, and practitioners are invited to the 11th Focal Point Forum to discuss opportunities and challenges for climate-resilience in human settlements. Organized by the Nairobi Work Programme – the UNFCCC’s “knowledge for action” body on climate resilience – the annual Forum provides an interactive space for information-sharing and partnership building to translate key findings into concrete actions.

The Forum will curate actionable knowledge on adaptation in cities, towns, and rural settlements. Leading experts will engage participants in discussions on:

· Assessing sensitivity and vulnerability

· Integrating short and long term considerations into climate planning

· Multilevel governance and linkages to National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

· City partnerships and networks for adaptation

An organizing partner to the forum, ICLEI has contributed knowledge from across our offices and network on adaptation practices, resources, and gaps (click here for ICLEI’s submission and related Resilient Cities Report 2017), and will support the development of a synthesis report for the UNFCCC Climate Conference in May 2018.

The 11th Focal Point Forum presents a key opportunity to highlight needs for adaptation and human settlements at COP23. See you there!

Laura Kavanaugh
Resilient Cities Program Manager

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