ICLEI at the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

The six-day MPGCA aimed at scaling up climate action by non-Party stakeholders (NPS) will be launched tomorrow and finalized on Wednesday, 15 November at the closing event at the Bula Zone.

Building upon the success from the last year, the MPGCA process added three new additional initiatives. First, the MPGCA Leadership Network was established; Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn and ICLEI’s First Vice President is an inaugural member. Second, the MPGCA Yearbook will be published at COP 23 demonstrating climate action by NPS with detailed analysis on their effectiveness and contributions to the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement. Third, the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders organized by ICLEI was embedded as part of the MPGCA events constellation. Outcomes of the Summit will be presented as a collective voice on climate action by cities and other subnational authorities to heads of state/government and ministers who will engage at the COP high-level segment in the second week of COP 23.

ICLEI leaders form an integral part of the success of this year’s MPGCA, as demonstrated by the fact that Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul and President of ICLEI is invited to speak at the MPGCA high level opening on Monday, 13 November and Ashoka-Alexander Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn and First Vice President of ICLEI is invited to speak at the closing of the MPGCA on Wednesday, 15 November. In addition, a number of other ICLEI leaders have been invited to speak at both thematic and high level engagement events of the MPGCA, including local and regional leaders from Malmö, Tshwane, Oslo, Quito, Vancouver, Jakarta, Merida, Pittsburgh, St. Gabriel, Davenport and Quelimane, among others.

The MPGCA high level event is a mandated event by the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC and plays a significant role by further strengthening high-level engagement on the implementation of policy options and actions arising from the UNFCCC technical examination processes on mitigation and adaptation, drawing on the summary for policymakers that is published under the oversight of the high level champions to provide input on specific policies, practices and actions representing good practices, among others.

To see further information on the overview of MPGCA events, click here: http://unfccc.int/paris_agreement/items/10490.php. To see the summary for policymakers click here: http://unfccc.int/files/paris_agreement/application/pdf/summary_for_policymakers_2017.pdf


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