Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) – Fiji
Fijian Governmaent, ICLEI Oceania | Suva, Fiji |


Fijian Governmaent, ICLEI Oceania

At CAPP 2018, Pacific island countries and territories, as well as donor countries, expressed their desire for the CAPP to continue beyond Fiji’s COP23 Presidency. Fiji will work hard in the coming months to establish this legacy for the Pacific.

The immediate next steps include:

  • Finalising a Pacific Climate Action Work Programme and identifying support
  • Firmly establishing the CAPP thematic working groups to ensure continuity
  • Strengthening collaboration and cooperation with networks and initiatives both within and outside the region
  • Continue strengthening linkages with UNFCCC processes – e.g Technical Expert Meetings, participation in regional climate weeks (Asia-Pacific Climate Week) and representation in relevant committees and bodies.
  • Supporting CAPP organised events at COP24
  • Planning for CAPP Conference and associated PSIDS meeting in 2019

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  • From:
  • Jul 26, 2018 
  • To:
  • Jul 27, 2018 
  • Location:
  • Suva, Fiji


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