Draft text on the third review of the Adaptation Fund released

by Jisun Hwang, ICLEI Senior Climate Advocacy Officer

The SBI agenda sub-item on the third review of the Adaptation Fund has been released which contains a draft decision for consideration and adoption by CMP 13 See http://unfccc.int/files/meetings/bonn_nov_2017/in-session/application/pdf/sbi_i15b.pdf.

In line with the strong support on strengthening the partnership with local and regional governments made by the LGMA constituency through its intervention on the CMP opening plenary held on 7 November 2017, the draft text released as of 10 November shows that the role of cities and other subnational authorities in supporting adaptation action would be underlined.

Key mandates by the CMP to the Adaptation Fund Board pertaining to the LGMA constituency are as follows:

The CMP recognises the comparative advantage of the Adaptation Fund, including the strategic engagement by stakeholders at the subnational level.

The CMP encourages the Adaptation Fund Board to continue to engage with subnational actors through, inter alia, microfinance schemes, weather-based insurance arrangements, involvement with local industry groups and farmers in adaptation projects, and public–private partnerships.

The CMP requests the Adaptation Fund Board to improve the monitoring of adaptation impacts and results of the Fund, including using local and sector-specific metrics.

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