Changing paradigms, not the climate

Bertrand Piccard told the summit audience his philosophy of change – ‘’When you believe that something is impossible, ask yourself … what is the paradigm that prevents us from going further? – then change that paradigm’’ For Mr. Piccard, who broke records and the rules by flying 40,000 km around the world with renewable energy, the limitation was fuel. Often, specialists are ‘prisoners of their paradigms,’ he explained, instead, we need to turn to the uninitiated, those who don’t realize that it is supposed to be impossible, for the solutions. As long as we tell ourselves energy innovation is impossible, it will be. Flying around the world without fuel, this is not the future, he reflected, rather, the rest of the world is stuck in the past.

Solar impulse foundation is doing its part through the World Alliance for Efficient solutions. This initiative will select the top 1,000 most profitable, sustainable solutions and promote them during a second flight around the world in 2019. By proving to governments that they can be more ambitious in their energy targets, we can change mindsets and policies, not the climate.

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