Greening the economy in China

Huaqing XU, Deputy Director General, National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation in China, highlights the importance of legal and policy frameworks that promote a [...]

The right to a healthy environment

Roland Ries, Mayor of Strassbourg, France and Co-President of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), highlights that Paris was a success because local representatives were involved, and that [...]

Calling for a new economy

Calisto Cossa, President of the Municipal Council, Matola, Mozambique highlights that we need to think about how to mobilize resources to prevent desertification in the continent. He highlights [...]

More than just implementers

“Major challenges of our time…become particularly tangible in urban space. It is therefore, now more than ever, 25 years after the Earth Summit in Rio, that local governments play a [...]

Push yourselves even further

"We have time but not much time. So please, push yourself to the furthest degree. I will promise you that California will be right there with you…We are committing ourselves to do [...]