Beyond the city

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT) is sending a message that climate action in rural areas requires empowerment, access to markets and the space [...]

Investment incentives

Tom Steyer Founder and President of NextGen America explains that governments need to set the framework that will allow the private sector to work with them. Policies like renewable portfolio [...]

The pioneering spirit

"The innovation, the pioneering spirit – this is what we need to go beyond the obvious," says Bertrand Piccard. "Everything we talk about today will become obvious. This is [...]

Creativity is key in climate action

Maria Cecilia Alvarado Carrión, Vice-Prefect of Azuay, Ecuador and Chair of the South of nrg4SD, highlights that creative solutions from all actors and sectors are vital. Local governments are [...]

Local action in Argentina

Monika Fein, Mayor of Rosario, Argentina explains that Latin American cities have many ambitions, projects and plans, but that it is often difficult for them to access funds. They need the [...]