African Capital Cities – Seeking partnerships, not handouts

Climate change has arrived in South Africa, explained Solly Msimanga, Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Africa, from extreme droughts and floods, to hail the size of golf balls, to outbreaks of malaria where there was none before.

The City of Tshwane is doing their part to reverse the damage, with a ‘buy back’ recycling center that has drastically reduced landfill usage; a Bus Rapid Transit System that reduces transport emissions; a waste to energy system which fuels the local BMW factory with renewable energy; and legislation which incentivizes clean energy and sustainable practices in the private sector.

However, the City also recognizes that they cannot achieve their climate goals alone.

‘’In 2015, Tshwane decided that we are going to put together the Mayors in Africa in one room and begin to talk about how we will move forward together,’’ Mayor Msimanga explained.

The Africa Capital City Mayors initiative has defined 8 common goals for African cities – including moving toward more resource efficient and zero waste cities. Together, the Mayors are committed to demonstrate how Africa is leading the way on climate change.

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