Africa wants to lead the way

Solly Msimanga, Executive Mayor of Tshwane, South Africa, intends to show he is doing his part to tackle climate change, but knows this work cannot be done alone. "It is not going to be enough for Tshwane to do things alone…That why we decided to put the mayors of Africa in one room to talk about how to move forward," he says. The city decided to work with other cities to achieve a common goal for city development, to bring about a greener future for metropolitan areas.

For economic reasons, a growing number of citizens are moving to cities. They are looking for jobs, health facilities, clean drinking water and safe spaces. Cities are putting together a plan to make sure it is carried forward. The Tshwane Declaration 2017 speaks to how African cities will transform and how they lead the way

"Africa is not begging anymore," says Mayor Msimanga. "Africa is looking for partners and Africa wants to lead the way."

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